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7:00-11:00 PM


7:00-10:00 PM



7:00-10:00 PM




If Arriving close to closing, please call or check Facebook in case of early ticket booth closing



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2018 Haunted House Chicago Review

Guest Reviews

What a badass haunted house! The rooms were very detailed, the costumes/makeup were believable, and most importantly- the house was FULL of actors! This haunt is loaded with jump scares from every angle, and the actors execute them well. Every year we travel far away to new haunted houses and little did we know that this gem was right in our back yard! As someone who has worked in the industry, I know that a lot of hard work went into making everything so detailed and it’s appreciated. There wasn’t a plain black wall in sight! Keep up the good work, this haunt is outstanding!

​- Jake Shebish, Google October 2018

You will not be upset with Haunted Hills! It is super cheap and you can go to any other haunted house, pay a fortune, and it sucks! Highly recommend Haunted Hills Hospital!! On my top 3 list and I been to most around Indiana/Chicago!

- Alexis Cimbaljevic, Google October 2017

So much staff working, they even scare you while you're waiting in line! Best haunted house I've ever been to!

​- Emily Misdom, Google November 2017

I have had experience working at 2 different Chicago area haunts and i want to say alot of the actors did a great job on timing their scares, some got me real good. Some were a little slow jumping into character. It was nice and roomy to walk or run thru parts of the haunt. The Price Is Great, Don't Have To Wait In Line Forever, The Line scare actors keep you busy and on your toes watching your back every second. The details thru The hospital are great. Down right dirty disgusting madness you really have to see for yourself. The Walk-thru the haunt was longer than I thought it was going to be, which is good! You come across some crazy lunatics in that place, so watch out...theyre gonna get you one way or another!

- Sara, Google November 2017

My experience here was amazing! The actors did an amazing job with being scary and believable. The wait in line was long for general admission but it was worth every bit with the occasional actor coming out, scaring the crowd, and taking pictures with us. The location was even better. It was creepy and scary alone. I would definitely come here again.

- Debbie Maldanado, Google October 2016

Loved the place. The characters were great! So much enthusiasm. Standing in line was fun with all the zombies they had walking around to entertain everyone. We bought hot chocolate, apple cider, & popcorn. Made the wait easier. It was a little long, about 2 hours. But the haunted house was the best I've been to and you can't go wrong for the price! We will definitely be back!

​- Jennifer Pistello, Facebook October 2016

I was there yesterday with my kids and spouse and it was so much fun! Love that the actors come out and entertain you while you wait in line and the all the props were great. Same scare you get at the all the big time known haunted houses for less than half the price! Can't beat that! I give you guys two thumbs up!

​​- Vel Ruiz,  Facebook October 2016

I was very impressed with the Haunted Hills Hospital. I don't know what impressed me the most... The makeup was great, the costumes were great and the props and sets were great, and the acting was on point. I personally think this was one of the best haunted houses I have been to yet.

- Jillian Shikles, Facebook November 2015

Seriously scary! This is the best haunted place around. It's well worth every dime! We paid extra for the fast pass - it was still worth it. The costumes, masks & makeup are top notch. You don't see characters this great very often. Unless you're at Haunted Hills Hospital.

- Maureen Howe Henn, Facebook October 2015

​I've been to several other well advertised/known haunted houses that cost triple what Haunted Hills costs and Haunted Hills was better than most of them. They keep a decent gap in between sets of people which means you don't miss out on the scares.

- Tabitha Mackey, Facebook October 2015

I really enjoyed my experience at Haunted Hills Hospital. It was very scary but fun! I liked how they kept you entertained while waiting in line by having actors try to scare you. The cost was cheap and reasonable. The rooms, actors, and props were very scary. I appreciate how they had a lot of actors in the rooms at Haunted Hills Hospital as well. There was a few moments when I was going through the rooms and felt like it was real that I was in a crazy haunted hospital! I recommend going to Haunted Hills Hospital 110% It was definitely worth it 

- Felicia Tatgenhorst, Facebook October 2015 

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$20.00 General Admission
$30.00 "EMERGENCY" Fast Pass
$35.00 "INSANITY" VIP Pass

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