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Northwest Indiana  Haunted House

TICKETS SOLD 7:00-10:00 PM

If Arriving close to closing, please call or check Facebook in case of early ticketbooth closing



Haunted House in Lake station

Curse of the Celtic Witch


March 9th


March 16th

Blackout 2018 - Tuesday October 30th

     Some call it "Hell Night," some call it "Mischief Night." At Haunted Hills Hospital, we call it "BLACKOUT!" The true insanity of the patients is unleashed and the normal rules don't apply. You must travel through the terror as the patients grab for you, attack you and try to keep you in their cells.

      With only a glow stick to light your way, can you survive or will the patients get you in to their clutches and never let you go!

      This show is not recommended for anyone under 16 years of age. This an adult show with adult language and physical contact. All participants must sign a waiver when purchasing a ticket. The lights are shut off and your group will enter Haunted Hills Hospital with only a glow stick to lead the way.