Northwest Indiana  Haunted House

You’re locked in a coffin. Work with 
your group members to figure out the 
combination to escape your coffin before you’re buried alive!

(2-5 players per group)

Can you make a freshly severed head into the basket? Don’t lose your head as you try our twist on shooting hoops!

Experience our "Asylum" Axe Throwing Game.

Test your accuracy on our boards!

Can you hit a bullseye?

(Axe Throwing Participants Must be 16 and older or be accompanied by an adult)

All Games are an additional fee of $5.00 unless otherwise noted

One play of Asylum Axe Throw, Guillotine Head Toss and Pumpkin Chunkin included with Ultimate Scare Pass

DISCLAIMER: Games not intended for young children

Do you need insight into your past, present or future? Bring your question and see what the cards have to say!

5 Minute Session, 3 Cards: $5.00

10 Minute Session, 6 Cards: $10.00

(Please be advised, spots are limited each night and purely for entertainment purposes) 

Do you have what it take to launch a pumpkin at the target? Test your aim and see if you can hit a tombstone!

Can you escape the Chamber? Find the clues, solve the puzzles and escape before time runes out

(2-6 Players per group)


$25.00 General Admission
$35.00 "EMERGENCY" Fast Pass
$40.00 "INSANITY" VIP Pass


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The Mayhem Midway opens at 6:30pm with the first guests entering the Haunted House at 7pm. If Arriving close to closing, please call or check Facebook in case of early ticket booth closing.



7611 E Lincoln Highway
Crown Point, IN 46407

Haunted House in Crown Point