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Northwest Indiana  Haunted House

Top Haunted Houses in Indiana

Haunted House in Portage

Haunted Hills Hospital​

Haunted Hills Hospital holds the most psychotic patients that were too evil for a regular mental facility. The Medical staff used the patients to perform crazy experiments that were supposedly meant to cure them. However, no one was ever helped and the patients were driven further into madness before being left to rot and die. But now the patients are in control! Travel through the hell and terror that has taken over the grounds of Hills Hospital. Will you make it out or will you become the newest patient? 

Hills Hollow: The PLague

​Hills Hollow was once a booming town, but since the shuttering of Hills Hospital, a dark force has taken up residence. A plague brought on by dark magic has enslaved those that remained and turned their souls black and evil. The town has been quarantined. Now you must find the secrets and see if you can keep from being turned to the dark side!